About Botanic Beauty 

Welcome to Botanic Beauty Queenstown, Otago, NZ


Botanic Beauty was created by Kerry-lee Taylor.  Kerry’s philosophy is all about the clean living lifestyle, using products that lead to positive change not only on the outside, but feeling better on the inside and in the process contributing to a cleaner world.   

Professionally trained as a makeup artist and beauty therapist in Sydney, Australia and has travelled and worked in South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia.  Having visited New Zealand on holiday a few times before, Kerry decided it was time to leave the hustle and bustle of Sydney and bring her knowledge and experience to beautiful Queenstown. 

“I have always been interested in formulations and how the ingredients of products can contribute to our overall health.  I love products entrenched with herbal/botanical medicine enhanced by modern scientific research.  I firmly believe that along with this, we can all contribute in some way to our planet by using cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products, packaged in recyclable containers which contain no nasties!”

Kerry is currently upskilling in a different field studying her Diploma of Life Coaching.  Watch this space for more information.   

Kerry x

Our Products

Some no-compromise areas when looking for products:

BPA Free

Steer away from product tubes, bottles and container made from industrial chemicals like BPA.  These chemicals can seep into your products impacting your health and also leach into land and soil while decomposing.  Choose BPA free, safe you, your family and the environment

No Animal Testing

Be confident you are choosing products that are not tested on animals.  Use products not only safer for you, but show you care for our planet and our precious fur babies and wildlife

Greywater Approved

Make a commitment to our plant by using kitchen, laundry and bathroom products free from harmful toxins to keep our oceans and rivers clean.  In doing so, you’ll protect one of our worlds most precious resources 

Environmentally Responsible 

Our children deserve to inherit a cleaner and healthier world. Look for biodegradable materials and companies that commit to source ethically

Recyclable Packaging

Choose sustainability & look for minimal packaging and wrapping when choosing your products.  Our products are recyclable and our packing is made from potato and corn starch which can be used as mulch or food for your chickens!  


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